Workshops & Meetups

YouthCode provides computer science and related STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) learning and enrichment activities to inspire youth and help them better navigate the digital world they are inhabiting. One way we do this is through various 60 to 120 minute activities that we call workshops or meetups, typically held at libraries and community centers.


Our workshops inspire students through the introduction of coding or robotics. These activities allow students to receive an introductory experience to computer science in a safe, supportive environment. Workshops are usually free and family-friendly, with targeted ages ranging from age 6 to high school, depending on the topic or subject matter. (Note parents may be asked to stay at the workshop with younger children.)

Hour of Code

The Hour of Code is one of our most popular workshops. This global movement introduces youth to computer science and coding through short, video-based tutorials. Initiated by Computer Science Education Week and, Hour of Code has reached millions of students by making computer programming accessible. Watch this video to learn more about the Hour of Code.


A meetup is simply an informal meeting or gathering of people, typically with a similar interest such as coding. YouthCode embraces meetups by hosting or facilitating gatherings where students and families can come together to create in a fun, safe, and enabling environment. Participants collaborate, explore and learn together as they make fun and entertaining projects.

Upcoming Activities

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Hour of Code Modules


Use basic coding commands to help Moana and Maui sail through unknown territory.


Use blocks of code to take Alex or Steve on an adventure through a special world.


Learn to program droids and create your own Star Wars game in a galaxy far, far, away.

YouthCode is a program of Impacting The Next Generation Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
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