Frequently Asked Questions

Scratch Classes & Camps

Do I need to complete a registration for each of my students who will attend?

We require a separate, completed registration for each student attending a YouthCode class or camp. This helps us to collect and track necessary information for name badges, certificates and accounts.

What if I need to cancel or change a registration after I have submitted it?

Please contact us to discuss a different class or camp for your student and/or to request a refund. We will refund 100% of registration fee if cancelled 7 days before the first session of a class or 30 days before the first session of a summer camp.

Is payment required at the time of registration?

We do require an online registration be completed for each student. When submitting the registration, please pay online with credit card or PayPal or bring cash or check to the first session (this is the offline invoice option).

How many students are in each class or camp?

Our policy is a minimum of six and a maximum of fifteen students at Scratch classes and camps. This allows for each student to work independently on a computer, ensures adequate students for unplugged activities and provides for a good instructor to student ratio. 

Who are the instructors?

We refer to our instructors and student helpers as gurus. We appreciate all of our gurus as they volunteer their time to help students learn coding and robotics. We also encourage experienced students to serve as gurus.

Can I register a student younger than nine years of age?

Please contact us to discuss. Our observation has been that younger students lack keyboarding skills necessary to be successful with our curriculum. We prefer that a lack of keyboarding NOT be the barrier to your student's first experience with learning to code. You know your student best so contact us to discuss.

Does my student need experience with a computer?

Computer experience is helpful but not required. Note we differentiate computer experience from keyboarding skills as some students are comfortable with using touch screens, but not keyboards for input. Having keyboarding and mouse skills will help your student be more successful so he or she can focus on learning to code rather than how to type.

Do I need to stay with my student?

You are welcome to stay and observe if you would like, but not required.

Will my student fall behind if a session is missed?

We realize illnesses and unexpected circumstances may keep your student from attending a session. While your student may miss an unplugged activity, vocabulary review and/or computer science concept overview, he or she may make up the hands-on project work outside of the session (requires a desktop or laptop computer with internet connection). Please contact us to discuss missed projects.

Can my student work on Scratch projects at home?

We pack a lot into each session! Most students should have time to get through the lesson's core Scratch project during hands-on time. Each project also has optional Add-On activities which guide the students through more coding and more fun. We encourage all students to do as many of the Add-On activities as possible. We also encourage students to continue working on projects at home (requires a desktop or laptop computer with internet connection). Students will love showing others what he or she created each session!

How many classes or camps should my student take?

This really varies based on each student and your goals for him or her as a parent or guardian. Each beginner class is designed to give students an introduction to basic computer science concepts and hands-on coding with Scratch. Advanced classes and camps extend his or her knowledge and provide hands-on time with more challenging projects to increase proficiency in coding. Please contact us toward the end of your student's first class or camp to discuss his or her progress and our recommendation. About 35% of our students take two or more classes or camps because they really enjoy coding and want to keep learning!

What if my student has some Scratch experience?

Please contact us if your student has Scratch experience. It may be possible for he or she to take one of our advanced Scratch activities. Our observation has been that many students with Scratch experience understand how to use Scratch as an application, but don't understand the vocabulary and computer science concepts behind what they are doing in Scratch.

Can my student use his or her existing Scratch account?

We understand how beneficial it is to keep everything together and how students want to build up their own Scratch studios. Your student will automatically receive a computer-generated account but is welcome to use his or her own Scratch account.

What if my student starts a class or camp and then we determine it's just not a good fit?

Our desire is for students to learn and have fun! We do not want frustration being the barrier to missing this goal. The first few sessions can be a bit challenging as students may be experiencing the new landscape of meeting new students, logging in to new systems, learning the flow of the lesson and the like. This may even be the first time for some learning what it means to "right-click" a mouse. Regardless, you will likely know if coding just isn't a good fit for your student so please contact us if this is the case. Some of our students do start a bit hesitant and unsure about their abilities. However, our experience has been that after a couple classes they gain confidence because they know they can work through the challenge.
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