Consumer or Producer?

08/25/2016 9:51 AM | Michelle Sieber (Administrator)

After World War II, America’s desire for consumerism began. Americans were no longer just spending money on their daily needs but on their material desires. The late 1940s ushered in an era of increased spending by young adults. Consumption of cars, houses, TVs and Tupperware was on the rise. The American ideal of “more is better” was emerging as the standard way of life. Americans were encouraged to be consumers. 

Even today, Americans are as strongly encouraged as ever to be consumers. The same applies to our use of technology. It’s a crazy cycle, actually. The more technology we use and consume the more is invented and provided so easily at our finger tips. At YouthCode, we have a passion for technology. It has provided so many advancements to our world in areas such as transportation, manufacturing, medicine and education.

We are blessed to live in America and to have the opportunities we do. However, we are also strong believers in being active producers and not just passive consumers. We try to practice this is all areas of our lives. We want to share this with the students and families we serve.

Learning to code is a fun way for students to develop creativity and boost confidence while moving from passive technology consumers to active producers.

With technologies like mass storage, streaming video, social media, gaming consoles, etc., youth (and adults) can easily become technology consumers. YouTube is a good example of this. There is practical and educational content on YouTube and there is also just fun stuff to watch. It’s easy to spend several hours of a day watching funny YouTube content. We all need a good laugh some days, but we also need to be contributors in our world. Especially kids! YouthCode’s desire is to help kids discover and appreciate a use for technology that is not just on a consumption basis. Students can learn skills such as computer coding to become a producer! Taking YouthCode classes may be the only way a student is introduced to computer science and coding. Students may find they like coding and that it could actually be a career path for them. Students can see that being a producer is just as fun as being a consumer. Well…..maybe it’s even more fun!!

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